Is there a UiPath API endpoint to interact with Integration Services objects in Automation Cloud?

There are many ways that I interact with Orchestrator objects (Folders, Assets, Robots, etc) via the API. For example, I have a routine that rotates secrets and passwords between my organization’s environments (active directory, Azure key vault, Azure App registration) and Automation Cloud–particularly Orchestrator–(assets, robot credentials, bucket integrations to Azure blob storage, etc) so that everything can be kept fresh and securely accessed by our robots without needing manual intervention.
I’d like to do more to manage and reuse connections created with Integration Services programmatically using an API.
Is that something that exists?
If not, is it on the road map?

Update: Vote for this feature Work is Integration Services Connections via Orchestrator API Endpoints

Please check this: Orchestrator - Authorizing API Calls in Swagger


For accessing orchestrator api…external application is what you need to create


Thanks for responding @Pramod091257 and @Anil_G .

I already have a working knowledge and some experience with the Orchestartor API.

What I am specifically looking for are the API endpoints/methods that will allow me to work with Integration Services Connections.

And if these endpoints/methods don’t exist, I’d like to find out if developing these is somewhere on the roadmap.


Can you elaborate a little…integration services itself are api’s already…what do you mean by having api tow ork on them?


Having an API to work on them is exactly what I mean.
For example, I could imagine a GET call that would return information about all of the Connections that are being used by any processes in a given folder. (Or something like that).


Got you…thats more like an analysis if a process…I dont think that is available as of now…


I could think of other use cases. Like being able to PUT new credential values into a Connection via the API.
Credential rotation and synchronization is something that I have used the Orchestrator API (plus the MS Graph and Azure).
Maybe I’ll have to request Connection API as a new feature.

Thanks again, @Anil_G .

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When inspecting the Integration Service within Orchestrator, while working manually with it, we can find some API hints to the Integration Service when e.g.

  • Browser F12 Web tools and Network recording is enabled

But the used API is not exposed to us as we do know e.g. from Orchestrator

maybe it will come in the future

Feel free to use the Feedback category and give a signal of your interest on it

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