Orchestrator API to fetch Service(API Access) details

I have gone through the Orchestrator API documentation and was wondering if there is any API to get the details on the Services section.
To elaborate:
For cloud we need to use the logical names in URLs and sometimes also in the request say, for authenticating.

What if I wanted to create a simple bot which can do certain activities using the APIs but I do not want to keep any configs for logical names etc just Service name and the login details maybe as an Credential Asset.
If there was an API which got the services section and using that I could proceed with Auth and then next activities.

Not sure if there is already such an API or there is no need.

Thoughts/Insights on this will be helpful


To authenticate cloud Orchestrator we need the following things right. These are fixed things and it won’t change for each tenant account. So you can save it in any config file or Orchestrator Assets and from there you can read it.

  1. User Key
  2. Tenant Logical Name
  3. Client ID

Thanks for your input @lakshman. I agree.
There can be a case of multiple services as well.
I can store required values every time as assets/config however wondering if any API is there for seamless integration.


Hey @loginerror

Is there any API to fetch Service details ?


Just to know, for each service, the tenant name will change and we can get new user key,Account Logical Name,Tenant Logical Name,Client ID,X-UIPATH-TenantName . So, if once we are able to get those, we can send the requests any number of times.

Just to give some info here,
–> We don’t have a chance to send a request with the service name only if we get that from a request, we need to get the api access(user key, name and client ID) which will be available after logging into the Orchestrator. So, I guess, getting service name is not enough


Thanks @HareeshMR for your input.
Yes i understand it will not change, however im suggesting say service name and user creds for orchestrator request as these can be single and easy to store.

Now it can be simple as you have mentioned and im aware of it, but here i am looking for variations to use an API.


Anyone else with any ideas? or if this could be something to expect?

It was explained in the documentation in the past, as it was part of the process to get the Orchestrator API working. Now that it was simplified, it would seem we have removed it from our docs.

It is still explained here:
Process 4 part

However, when I tried it, it would seem that it is not working anymore:

I’ll dig around a bit.

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Thanks @loginerror.
ill wait for some good news.

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