Getting Error for Filter Outlook Function to get emails from particular Sender


I am trying to get emails from particular email address. Get outlook Mail Message is giving an error:

Get Outlook Mail Messages: Cannot parse condition. Error at “@xxxxx”.

I can get emails without filter. But it’s not working with below filters:

“@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:senderemail”" like ‘Specific_Email’"

It’s just working for only 1 particular address but not for others.

If anyone could help with this?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @deepika.garg

Please try this once:

‘“@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:senderemailaddress LIKE ‘%sender_email_address%’”’

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

Hello Everyone/@Palaniyappan

So another observation is the filter:
“[senderemailaddress]=xxxxx” seems to be working if in sender email address’s username doesn’t contain DOT(.)[for ex: it’s working for But not working for].

Can someone please check if it is a bug or something in the Mail activities package.
I am using version:
1.18.2 for UiPath.Mail.Activities.


Hi @arjunshenoy ,

It’s not working.

Hi @deepika.garg
For now, can you try this workaround?

(From m In mailMessages
Where m.SenderEmailAddress.Trim().Equals("YourEmailAddress")
Select m).ToArray()

if you don’t have senderEmailAddress method available then try with

(From m In mailMessages
Where m.Sender.Address.Trim().Equals("YourEmailAddress")
Select m).ToArray()


Hi @deepika.garg

Please try this in filter option

Hope this might help you :slight_smile:

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HI @Pavanraj_Shetty,

Sender Name would be dynamic evrytime.

And i have only Sender’s Email address.


HI @fernando_zuluaga,

Thanks for the workaround! It’s working this way.

But is this a bug in Filter function of Get Outlook Mail message activity? Any idea?


Well, really i don’t know, maybe @loginerror can help in this case



Can you try this

"@SQL=""urn:schemas:httpmail:fromemail"" like '%abc%'"

If you copy paste just make sure the inverted comma are proper …when you paste it you should not see any red marks below your code as below. If you see them replace the inverted comma again in your code


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