Is possible to work with Open Office with the files csv,xlsx?

In the process, I have to download some files from a web page. Those files are csv, xlsx.

But I don’t have an excel license, to do the merge process, remove columns, substring, among others. How could UiPath be executed, without having an excel license active. Or if it is possible to work with Open office

Hi @Julian_Torres_Torres

By default, UiPath uses Microsoft Excel for these operations if it is installed on the machine. However, if you don’t have an Excel license or Microsoft Excel is not installed, you can work with alternative software like OpenOffice Calc.


To use OpenOffice, can I use the excel activities, or which would be available?

You can use workbook activities and office 365 activities to read excel file when you have not excel or excel license. Excel activities need active excel.

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You don’t need any software for CSV. You can just use Read CSV.

You also don’t need any software to read an xlsx file if you use the Read Range Workbook activity.