Is Mail functionality in UIPath Studio Community

I recently downloaded the UIPath Studio Community. I’ve had good success setting up processes with data scraping. Now I want to create an process that includes extracting Outlook attachment, but don’t see the mail functionality (get mail, etc) under the “Available” section of the “Activities” panel in the UIPath Studio Community version. I had to download the Excel functionality - so my question is; how do I get the mail functions? Do I download it, activate it, or buy it?



Hey @Hibb

Always If you are a new user of uipath then before starting first installed all available packages from package Manager. if you are using New uipath stable version then by using ctrl+p you will be able to open a package manager.
After installed All available packages under available category restart your uipath studio.

Let me know, if still you are not able to see outlook activities.

Happy Learning…!!
Enjoy Uipath.



Hey aksh1yadav,

Thanks so much for the guidance. I found the Manage Packages when I first fired-up UIPath, but I only installed the Excel Activities. Subsequently, as I played with UIPath I forgot about the Manage Packages. Since I was new to UIPath I didn’t realize the significance of install the activities.

Installing the Activities has opened a whole new realm of UIPath – thanks…


I have this same issue. I installed all available packages on package manager but still nothing under Activities - Available.

hi @pertila

Please go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\Packages” and “%temp%\nuget”, delete anything inside the specified folders, restart Studio, and install again all the Packages from “Package Manager”. If this does not solve your issues.

please let me know.

It generally works but if still you are not able to see activities again then may be these persons will help you well on this.

@badita @andraciorici @Lavinia


Unistalled UIPath and manually removed all under %temp%/Nuget and all what i found labeled UIPath. There was no C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio -folder.

Restarted and made clean install. After that installed all packages and restarted.

Still nothing :frowning:


will you please guide here?


We’ll check.

But first please search for mail in the Package Manager → Manage Packages → Available. Please note that the window has pagination so Mail may be on second page. This it easier to search.

Yes, all available packages from local and gallery has been installed.

Could you please search for Mail in the above search bar?

No results with Mail, Outlook or Excel. All packages installed.

Please search in the package manager not in activities toolbox. Like in my attached screenshot.

I know you’re problem is frustrating. I was successful/lucky in installing all the packages. Here are screen shots of all the UIPath files on my system….hope it helps….

hmm. nogren mark, but seems to be installed…

Hmm, strange. Uninstall, Restart, Install

Done it allready. Twice.

tried again. unistalled mail package - close uipath - reinstall - nothing.

I have also did it so that i have booted my computer after unistall.

I have to do something wrong, but don’t get what.

I am using Community edition with Win8.1. I assume that after installing mail package, there should appear Mail under Available activities.

Any ideas with this one? If i reinstall UIPath and install all packages. Is there any way to check if all packages is actually installed propeply?

I have the same issue but no solution found yet :expressionless: