Mail activities not available after installing packages


Already installed mail.activities package from Manage Packages, but it is not available while searching or finding in entire activities panel. Also App integration activity is not available.

Tried with everything right from the deleting all temp files, uninstall of package, re-install and restart with UI Path studio but nothing happens.

Can someone please help on this issue.

Irshad Mapari

Welcome to uipath community
May I know what is the version and edition of studio community or enterprise
Cheers @Irshad_Mapari

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for your response.
I am using Community edition with version Studio 2018.2.4

Irshad Mapari


It’s old version.

Use latest version of Community Edition UIPath studio and then try once.


Can please suggest how to update latest version?

Thanks & Regards

Irshad Mapari

The Studio CE version should auto update at its launch… if it is not doing so, maybe consider uninstalling it and reinstall new version…


Go to site and then Resource Center page. Here, you can find an option to download Uipath Community Edition.

Before doing this uninstall old version.

Hi All,

I’ve installed a latest Community Edition and its working. Thanks to all who supported with great ideas.




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