New to the community and creating different flows. With the community version is get emails an available activity?

No - there is no such activity as

Here are all the available activities for the UiPath.Mail.Activities package:

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To clarify, I am looking to open Outlook, or Gmail email. I know the application can perform the function but I wanted to know if this control activity is available in the community version.

Thank you…

From interoperability/interactions perspective, community and professional versions are the same.

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Well, If you have installed the UiPath.Mail.Activities package.

Just for an instance lets assume that you wish to work on Outlook then,

There are various activities that you can make use of to

  1. Get Outlook Mail messages
  2. Send Outlook Mail Messages or
  3. Move the received Mail messages to a different folder and other actions.

Mail-Outlook Documentation

Additionally, if you would perhaps like to get more insight on Email Automation then you might wanna have a look at this :

Hope that helps :slight_smile: