How to anchor a click activity when the anchor is far from the UI element?

I’m trying to automate an activity where I have to find a certain Item No. in the page and click the corresponding “edit” button for it. The problem I’m having is that the anchor is not right next to each other as shown below.

I have also thought of using a “for each” activity where it flows as ~for each Item No., click “edit” button. However, the edit button will not be dynamic as the activity will always click the same “edit” button in the page.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Just figured it out! posting the solution just in case anyone runs into a similar problem

  • instead of trying to anchor it, edit the click activity selector and make the “ID” into a variable. Then use assign activity to create a counter that will add a + 1 to the value of the variable as the for each loop goes through all the Item numbers.

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