Is it possible to run a python code on Cloud Robot-Serverless?

I am trying to run a python script on a Cross Platform project, is it possible?

i feel if the python is installed and as long as u provide the path to exe file in the python application scope as dynamic. it can be possible to run on cross platform but maximum not possible( as per my knowledge )with cloud robot-serverless.

the problem is that I can’t install python on Serverless…Do you know how to do that?

That is what i am saying its not posssible to run python on serverless robots

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I’ll check with the team and come back to this topic, it is an interesting question :slight_smile:

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thank you so much @loginerror!! any news?

I talked to the team and it is now currently possible, but it is something that our team is looking into for the future.


that would be great! thx!


Hi, could you please let me know how to configurate packages for runnning python code at the cloud autmation?

Thanks and regards