Deploying a Python module together with the UiPath robot

Hey All,

We have incorporated a Python module to work with the UiPath robot. but now we need to deploy the solution and we do not want to install our Python module on the client’s machine because we do not want them to have access to our code.

Is there a way we can maybe lock the folder where the python module is sitting or is there somewhere we can host the module so that the client doesn’t have access to the code. we do not want to host it on the cloud because then we would have to pay for it and we did not include the cost for it on the quote when we sent it to our client.

I would appreciate any suggestions with regards to this.

I also have the same issue. Please advise.

We ended up saving the code on the client’s machine, and we hide that folder so its not visible to the end user, that was the best we could think of.

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