Is it possible to read two excel sheet at a same time?

Let’s suppose I want to extract the value from 1st sheet column and paste it into 2nd sheet column line by line(means 1st row of the sheet have to be equally pasted to the row of 2nd sheet)
So, how can I perform that task for reading both sheets simultaneously?

Read both, or Read Sheet1 and Write to Sheet2?

Read your data into a DataTable, Then write that data table to Sheet2:

Hi @Shruti_Agrawal

Yes you can achieve it using workbook read range and later using write range

First store sheet 1 output as DT1

Later have a write range to paste the data
Provide input of writerange as DT1


Please Do refer below thread

You don’t paste into Excel. You use activities like Write Cell, Write Range, Append Range, etc