Read One row from one sheet and wrtie it in another sheet

I want to read one row at a time and write that entire value to another sheet.

Here, I want to copy only row 3 and paste that row 3 in another sheet then copy row 4 and paste it in another sheet and so, on
dt_table.Select(“row namw=‘3’”)(0)(1).ToString : I can fetch data using this but I am getting only one value can anyone help me

Hi @Aman_Mongar1,

You can change the query like,

dt_table.Select(“row name=‘3’”)

And add it a datatable so that you can use the write range activity.
Then using write range you can write this datarow into the new sheet.

May I know any reason behind for single row read and write process.

I wanted to show that Robot is typing the values in sheet.
Is there any activity that take the entire sheet value and type it in another sheet with the exact value in exact cells.

Try this

Make sure that both datatables have same column name and datatype
Hope it suits your requirement :slight_smile:

Hi Arvind21,
Can you please upload that script.


Try to use Copy paste Range activity.

A Manohar

Hi @Aman_Mongar1
Xaml for your reference
SampleFlow.xaml (17.6 KB)