How to read multiple sheet in excel

Hi,guys.I want to know if have any ways to disposable read multipe sheet in excel,there are 20 sheets in my excel.And I want disposable read them and put them to a same datatable and output them.

Hi @HuaiYe

1.Use get sheets to get all the sheets from your excel.
2.Create two datatable dt1 and dt2.
3.Loop through every sheet.
4.Use read range and take the data in dt1.
5.Merge dt1 and dt2.

You will have all the data at the end of the loop in dt2.

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Hi @HuaiYe

Please check the xaml provided in the link below.

How to read range multiple excel sheets - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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Hi @HuaiYe Please get the Worksheet names with GetWorksheets activity. It results in List variable.
give the loop for Sheet list and read the each workbook data in Loop
If all sheets have same format read data in one data table

Kindly refer below link for your reference

Hi @HuaiYe

Look into the thread reading multiple sheets and consolidate into one sheet


Hi @Gokul001
I download the xaml from the page you share and try the way,unfortunately, all 20 sheets of my table are not quite in the same format.I think the ways not for me.Thanks for your help.