Is it possible to paste the value of a variable into an online form?


I am trying to extract information from an Outlook email (e.g. From, Date, Subject, and Body) and then saving each field’s data to its own variable. The data saved in the variable needs to be pasted into an online form but the “Type Into” function only allows a string. Is it possible to paste a variable’s data into an online form using another Activity?

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Hi @mjafry
Can you apply string variables? Please e.g. see the below threads:

I’m able to save the body of the email using the Body property but pasting what is saved in that variable, into an online form, is not working since the “Type Into” activity only accepts a String and not a variable.

You should be able to use a variable in Type Into - please see e.g. the thread below:

Thank you. This issue is resolved now.

no problem, @mjafry - happy automation!