How can I save email as a string variable


I’m trying to extract some words (like date) from a mail body.
So this how I’m trying to solve it:

  1. I’m using “outlook activity” to store the mail in “inhalt”
  2. with “foreach” I’m trying to convert the type in a string. And here is the problem, I can’t. Everytime I’m checking the content its not readable. How can I solve this problem?

if we want to save the body of the mail as a string then once after getting the mail list from get outlook mail activity use a FOR EACH and pass the output variable from get outlook mail activity
–change te type argument as in the property panel of FOR EACH loop
–inside the loop use a assign activity like this
str_input= item.Body.ToString
where str_input is a variable of type string
–then we can use MESSAGE BOX activity whre mention as str_input.ToString

Cheers @Ilga_Muller


Please see MailMessage Class (System.Net.Mail) | Microsoft Docs
for more fields of MailMessage Class.

@Palaniyappan thank you a lot! Its working :))

Cheers @Ilga_Muller

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