Inputting a variable in Sending Outlook Message under "Subject" and "Body"

Hello RPA Developers! As of currently, we have a question that regards to Sending Outlook message. We have developed an Excel Control List that consists of the following headers: “Email Subjects” and the “Name of Client”. We have made these into variables and the issue that we are currently facing is trying to input the variables into the Sending Outlook Message under “Subject” and “Body”. Is there a way to input the variables into the outlook message?

Hi @S.Varnakam,

You can store the value in variable and directly pass those variable in “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity


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Care to elaborate?

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yah what you have done is perfect
we can get the value from EXCEL and store them in a string variable and pass those variables to the send outlook mail activity
where you facing any issue in that
Cheers @S.Varnakam

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Hi buddy,

I’m stuck at a process where under ‘For each’ activity, and then ‘If’ activity, and as for the condition, (item.Contains(Variable)). does not return ‘true’ when is it true. The variable is gotten from the “Copy Selected Text” Activity on an Excel Sheet.


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As per my understanding you requirement is to store the value whenever the condition is true and pass those value in outlook activity. Is it correct?


lets do one thing
before IF condition use two WRITELINE activity like this
one with input as item.ToString
another one input as ClientCompany.ToString
and then use IF condition

so that we can validate the value of both item and ClientCompany in output panel once

kindly share the screenshot of that image from output panel

Cheers @S.Varnakam

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Yes. :relieved: :thinking:

Thank you, I’ve got the solution! :grin:

Cheers, @Palaniyappan @shobhit286

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