Is it possible to pass argument values to call a robot through Orchestrator API?



We are thinking to click a RPA button on our internal website to call a robot, and need to pass some values to the robot at the same time. Our 2016.2 version Orchestrator doesn’t support it. Hope to have this feature in newer versions.


Nice idea - can’t you use information from the Queue to provide this information or is this more to do with scheduling and passing parameters?


You mean like in this topic? There it’s with schedules, but it’s basically the same thing (ability to start a job with arguments)

If yes, please upvote - this is pending waaaay too long…


Thanks. I thought of this, but it still different. We don’t want to store all the parameter data in the queue, beside, consuming the queue needs polling mechanism.


Yes. I can’t find like button on the topic tho…


Use the Vote button at the top of the topic. It has been changed for Ideas some time ago.


Voted. I think it’s a design problem. That vote button is not very stand out… I wasn’t noticed it’t a button…


Hi RPA Enthusiasts,

Hope you all are doing great.
Just wanted to confirm if there is any update on this? Are we able to pass custom arguments while initiating a process release through orchestrator (without having to do it with assets)?

If yes, could someone please guide me how to do it?

If not, I would like to highlight again to UiPath team to implement this asap as this is often a key requirement while working with big RPA programs. This feature will only make this tool more awesome!