Pass arguments ( string ) while invoking workflow using Orchestrator API ( v2018.2 )

I am using Orchestrator API ( v2018.2 ) to invoke my workflow which I am able to do successfully by following steps below:

  1. Authenticate to get token
  2. Invoke workflow by providing token and ReleaseKey

Above steps are working fine.

In addition to above steps, I want to pass input arguments to workflow through Orchestrator API call ( ).

Can anyone guide me how to pass arguments in above mentioned scenario ?

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Input Arguments are only available starting with 2018.3 version.


Thank you very much @ovi for the answer.

Hi @ovi,

Can you help with the passing of arguments when invoking workflow using Orchestrator API.

I mean, what are the exact steps that I should follow?

This is the reference js that I am using: Sharing-Repo/index.js at master · NikhilAshodariya/Sharing-Repo · GitHub

I am new to RPA.

Your help will mean a lot.

Thanks in advance…

Hi @kaushikn,

Assuming that your workflow has input arguments, here is an example of a body for a POST at /odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs with input arguments:

      "InputArguments":"{\"Array\":234,\"stringNew\":\"test string\",\"arrayStrings\":[\"first string\",\"second string\"]}"

More info about this can be found here: About OData and References

I hope this helps,

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