Is it POSSIBLE to implement using UiPath?

Hi, I am new to UiPath. My team and I have a project idea, which I need to ask UiPath Community to see if it is possible to implement or not. We are going to build a website, and it allows the user to upload a pdf file. Below is an example of the pdf file that we must work with.
ex.pdf (139.2 KB)
If a user uploads a pdf file, the website must extract the information from that file, such as all the company names with its address, its phone number. Also, it can filter all the data by building data, project team, and so on to an excel file, then send it to the customer email or show a message box with filtered data.
Above is the main feature of the website. Is it possible to using UiPath to do it?

Thank you!

In order to handle PDF files with RPA, there are two major checks.

  1. Readable PDF.(Draggable)
  2. Structured PDF

The file you uploaded does not appear to be formatted, and is not a Readable PDF.
PDFs must be converted into a readable form using OCR or AI, but the implementation difficulty will be high. I wouldn’t proceed if I were.