How to add Pdf to Excel OCR on a web page or website

I am new learner.
Recently got a query from one of my client. He has one website and a page with option ADD FILE to add PDF. & CONVERT button. He wants to automate using UIPATH if he add any pdf and press CONVERT button it should use the OCR and give the result in excel.
I am not sure how to apply that on any webpage. Looking for suggestion how can this be done.


Hi @Anil_Kumar12 ,

After reading your question I have few suggestions below.

  1. The web application which you mention did it already have capability to convert the pdf to excel. If yes in that case we can automate the web application with UiPath UI automation replicate the steps like input pdf file and click convert etc.

  2. If the web application dummy and it does not have any capability to convert the pdf to excel will try the below option

I am not sure we can use the exiting application but with the help of UiPath forms we can replicate the same website option like input option to select the pdf and create convert button and for convert button we can have option to trigger the existing rpa process done by UiPath which is having capability to convert pdf to excel with OCR

It is not as easy I told the above

For process part use read pdf with ocr activity to get the whole text from pdf into text format and use write range to write the whole text information into excel file

Disclaimer is with the above approach we cannot get the same format as pdf

  1. Another option we can try with python language with the help of packages like tabula etc we can convert the pdf to excel with the ocr.

I am just sharing my thoughts. Try different options and explore until you will solve the question from your client. You got nice usecase all the best.


Thanks Kirankumar,

You have been very helpful.

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