Is it possible to create a custom template in excel file for extracted data from web page transfer to an excel fie?

Hello I am working on web scraping for below webpage(See screenshot), is it possible to extract the data from the webpage to excel but with custom template like for example the quotation no field should be in the column A header and the value/s under it then same with the rest of the fields the reference no should be in the header column B then values under it. I hope someone could help me. thank you!

Hi @johnlester.i.banasihan

Regex can be helpful in this scenario. Try to scrape all the text from the page and then use regex to extract the required information and save it in a Data Table.

This method will be useful if the structure remans the same for every webpage.

To scrape text you can use get full text activity, get attribute activity (innerText).

For regex use Matches activity.

Hello Thank you for your answer. So basically in this case I won’t need to use DataScraping Activity and instead will use get full text and get attribute right? :slight_smile:
Actually I’m quite new to data scraping and this is the script that I have made so far its like extracting details for each and every results after searching. Thank you
DataExtraction_New - Copy (1).xaml (38.4 KB)