Screen scrapping for extracting paragraph in webbrowser

Hi am trying to scrape web data ,Each link is stored in excel I have to extract each link data so am looping this links and trying to get the data but the data is in paragraph format .I try to use data scrape its giving error when i used screen scraping am getting expected result but problem here is for each link same data which is given in first link is getting i tried to change selector to dynamic but getting error.Please someone can help me for this problem.


I can help you better if you share the workflow or explain what are the activities you are using and how. as when you using for each activity it will pick next link every time.

May be you are not using get text activity in the loop.

Main.xaml (18.1 KB)

I please find the workflow and let me know.I have used screen scrapping full text.

You are opening browser first. thats why only one data is scrapping. please user proper sequence. first read excel that use for each loop and in loop use open browser and get text activity.

Am using first browser for extracting the links,after extraction links are stored in excel.Then am navigating the links inside the loop by using another browser activity.

sorry for late reply.your workflow is correct. please try once without screen scraping in loop. you can use get text directly.