Is it possible to add bulk .txt files into Orchestrator Queue

Hey Team,

Is it possible to add bulk .txt files in a folder into Orchestrator queue with the help of any studio activity?


Hi @Techno1

You cannot add any files to orchestrator queue. But what you can do is if you have storage buckets you can place the file then and add the location and file name to the queue for accessing when the item is retrieved.

You can do the same by uploading it to a SharePoint or and shared drive as well.

But you cannot add a file directly to queue


Hi @Anil_G

How to add the location and file name of the file that has been placed in the storage bucket in to the queue


Hi @Techno1

say your are storing the file in storage bucket with name ‘xyz’ and the subfolder in it is ‘test’ and the file you are uploading is ‘abc.txt’ which you know when you are uploading any ways

so create a specific content for this like below

Storage bucket name : xyz
Location : test\abc.txt

when you retrieve the queue item you will get these values and pass them to storage bucket to get the file


maybe you are looking for bulk Queue Items Creation

so if we can parse the data from text file into a datatable (CSV, Custom parse…) then we can use above mentioned activity for creating the queue items