How to add word files to queues in orchestrator

how to add word files to queue

Hi @Narayana_Acharyulu

We can only upload the CSV file in the orchestrator queue



Have a look on the documentation @Narayana_Acharyulu


We can’t add word files, just CSV, or you can save it in orchestrator as storage bucket


Hi @Narayana_Acharyulu ,

Could you explain a bit more as to why would you require to add a Word File to Queue?

We do not have the Capability to add a Word file to Queue, However we will be able to add it’s contents.

Or Rather we might be able to perform a Serialization of the File, Upload to Queue and Retrieve it back and deserialize it while Getting the Queue Items.

But it all depends on the Use Case Requirements.

actually ,i want to read mails and add to queue items and get transaction item then save attachments in Google drive using framework

You can read emails and store subject line, datetime and received date in queue. So it will work like dispatcher. Through performer you can read email with filter parameters from queue subject line, date time and email received time. Now you have mail message with attachment take the require action with it.