Is AI center a requirement for Document Understanding

My company uses UiPath on Premises.
We bought the Document Understanding module, but we do not have a machine to install the AI Center yet.
Is it required for absolutely all automations that use Document Understanding?

The first automation will read data from a fixed layout, very simple form. We will use Google Vision OCR since it is handwritten, so we will not have a ML model to retrain.
In this case, is it possible to build the bot without AI center?

Hi @Lucas_Ferraz

First and foremost, the AI Center docs suggest:

AI Center doesn’t have an on-prem version, so AFAIK, your on-prem infra will need to work along with a cloud AI Center.

Second, no you won’t necessarily need AI Center if you’re not looking to retrain your ML Model…
Use this template to get started and remove the AI Center-related activities such as ML Extractor and ML Extractor Trainer


AI Center has an on-prem version, is just not called App :slight_smile: Please see documentation here: UiPath AI Center.

We have multiple deployment types. @Lucas_Ferraz , feel free to write to me to understand better what you’re looking to do and I’ll do my best to support you. My email address is

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I stand corrected. Thanks @Andra_Buica.

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Hi Andra,

I have the same issue as the author of this post. I read the documentation and I cannot really understand the difference between the Airgapped and Online installation. Could you please explain the main differences?

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So To my knowledge, as @Andra_Buica mentioned, AI Center has on-prem model. Most of the organization prefer to keep the secured data within the network, so they go for on-prem model.

@Lucas_Ferraz - For your question, for any document extraction that does not require the Form extractors or ML Extractor skills you can go without API keys (Document understanding keys). if you are using Digitization with Google ocr + Regex extractors, you would not require Ai Center.

@melanie - The difference between airgapped and on-prem connect is basically the internet connection. Airgapped servers will not have internet connections, everything has to be downloaded and installed. where as, on-prem connect will pull up the installation files over the web/cloud. Hope this helps.

@Andra_Buica - Nice to meet you here :slight_smile:


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