Difference between AI Center and Document Understanding?

Hi Everyone,

I am creating a process to train the model in AI Center with ML custom Package model using document understanding option and also I see we have other opinions that document understanding, that’s also having the features to train the form and can create labels. I am quite confused with this both options, any idea?


Hi @SrenivasanKanna

The “Document Understanding” in cloud is used for “Structured and Low diversity Semi Structured Documents”, which uses AI Forms to train , and only up to 20 documents and not exceeding more than 5 pages per documents. The document should be of same Layout , where as in AI Center it can be of different Layout and you and add more number of documents.

In this all the Fields will be aromatically labeled where as in AI center you need to manually label all the fields using data manager.

After extractor , it generates an end point that is used in ML extractor.

Please find the complete details here

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On the other hand AI Center is a service that allows you to deploy, manage, and continuously improve Machine Learning models and consume them within RPA workflows in Studio.

In AI Center you can train multiple templates.

Please find the complete details here.

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