Document Understanding Examples

Can someone point me to examples of using Document Understanding without AI Center and with AI Center?

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So using Regex Extractor does not need api key - meaning no orchestrator needed and no AI center needed?

Form extractor needs API key - meaning does it need orchestrator and no Ai center?

How about OCR extractors?

In general for using document understanding which ones need orchestrator or AI center?

Would appreciate if you can clarify.

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Regex has nothing to do with document understanding so it doesnnot need the license at all…if you have studio you can write regex and extract the data

For form extractor again you need license because as you mentioned it required api key…

And coming to in general anything used under document understanding then you need AI centre yes…

And again if you are trying to use regex extractor which again should be included in a document understanding framework then AI centre is needed as ypu are using the framework of document understanding

But if you use plain regex to extract then you dont need

And for ocr again there are free ocr and paid…so for paid we need license…but ocr and document understanding are different…ocr is to read the pdf only…so its like a separate license and no actual link to ai centre

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