Is 2018.1.3 Studio compatible with Windows 2019 server, Sql server 2019

UiPath Studio 2018.1.3 and orchestrator 2018.1.4 will work Windows 2019 Server and Sql Server 2019. As my client looking to upgrade the OS and DB.


Check below software requirements of Studio and Orchestrator

Hope these will help you

currently 2018.1.3 and 2018.1.4 are deprecated and suggest for the update to the latest versions also


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Thanks for the response, the links you provided is not helping to know whether Windows 2019 server is compatible with 2018.1.3, am i missing anything here.

I know the version 2018.1.3 is deprecated, but it work up to windows 2016 server. as my client want to go with 2019 server not sure whether it work or not.


Yes, As the documentations doesn’t say that

So it’s not the recommended settings

Also I believe even you can’t get support from UiPath also

So, you have to try in a DEV environment and check

Hope this may help you