UiPath Platform 2018.4.4 Support Which Redis Enterprise Version

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UiPath Platform 2018.4.4 Support Which Redis Enterprise Version? If any one know please let me know.

Keyul Shah

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See here the official documentation of the software requirements for Orchestrator:

Is there any known plans for the support of redis 5.x?

Hello @loginerror,

That you have given details is for Redis Community version. We have tested successfully UiPath platform 2018.4.4 working good with Redis Community Versions.
You will find more details about Redis Enterprise on Release notes | Redis Documentation Center

Keyul Shah

Hello @jwilliams15,

We got confirmation form UiPath Infra team that Redis Enterprise 5.4 version working with UiPath Platform 2018.4.4.

We have set up Redis Enterprise 5.4 cluster and it’s working with UiPath 2018.4.4 without any problem.

Keyul Shah

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