Invoking a process

I have this scenario:

  1. I need to run a bot that will constantly/continuously check incoming emails every 5 secs.
  2. When there is an email that meets the requirement in 1, I need to invoke another workflow. Note invoked workflow can be different workflows depending on the condition met in item 1.
  3. If the invoked workflow is successfully running, calling workflow needs to “disengage” from workflow called in 2 so that it can continuously monitor the inbox

So technically, I am just using worklow in item 1 as a “gatekeeper” to see if there is any mail coming from the inbox, then assign to the correct workflow as mentioned in item 2.

NOTE: This is a workaround in case we do not have unattended bots running. The abovementioned process will purely run in attended mode. The workflow in item 1 will run over and over.

Is the scenario I mentioned here possible with UiPath?


If it’s possible to check the mailbox without UiAutoamtiion, Background process automation will work, because background process can be run even if foreground process is running.
More specific, we have background process keep running to check mailbox. If it finds new mails, invoke other process to handle the mails.


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If you have acess to integration services then we can use a trigger on mail received and bot gets instantly triggered when an email arrives