Uipath Assistant is needed to run Apps


Long story short, I’m trying to develop an app to our company, it’s supposed to be used by around 100 people, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

My understanding was that the background processes could run simultaniously; but on an unattended license, only one can be executed at the time, the robot is set to busy when the app process is triggered. Because of that I’m trying to use our attended license instead. So I’ve made a very simple background process that sends an email opun execution. But trying to work with the app on my mobilephone I get this response;

How can I let 100+ people use the app and how do I come around the error in the picture?

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Hi @Michaeljep,
Every automation process need to have Robot connected for the process to be able to perform it. Each connected robot require separate license (in case you would like to run it simultaneously on 100 different machines).

Maybe I wasn’t clear or I misunderstand your response, the process is connected to a attended robot, the goal is to be able to execute multiple instanses of the process at the same time, the documentation on the background processes states that it should be possible? or am I misunderstanding something? is it really needed to have a license to an attended robot for each user of the Uipath Apps? then I don’t see the benefits of using the apps as they could just as easily execute the process from the Assistant instead.

I need to clarify some data here. Assistant is still Robot. It’s just additional overlay around the installed Robot service which allows to run deployed processes with ease and to schedule them as well as configure Robot connection with Orchestrator.

Now if process has been deployed on Orchestrator each Robot which is set for the folder in which process is deployed will be able to run it. No matter if it’s attended or unattended process (unless you set some permissions that specifies it other way). Now let’s assume that you have 5 robots added to this process. It means that if you will run this process 3 times at the same time it will consume 3 out of 5 robots. So analogically to run process 100 times simultaneously you need to have 100 robots attached to the process in your tenant.

Got the same problems as the topic starter.
For example. I’ve created an App that works with the process on the unattended robot and I want to use this app from mobile. But I’m always receiving message that I need to install a UiPath assistant.
And If I’m not wrong in the “Apps Public Preview” thread was mentioned to set “process type = unattended” to get this approach. But as always same results (app page asks me to install the Assistant or shows me error Something Went Wrong)

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Got the same problems as the topic starter.
I’ve created an App that works with the process on the unattended robot.
I set “process type = unattended” and it runs correctly from the app used in my laptop’s Browser Chrome. I want to use this app from mobile, but in my phoneas always same results (app page asks me to install the Assistant)