Invoke Workflow Activities Missing

My colleague updated an automation project of mine and saved to TFS.

A week later I went to make my own updates. On opening the ‘Main’ file in studio all the invoke wokflow file activities were missing appearing as ‘Missing or Invalid Activity’.

I updated all the package dependencies in the project.

The Invoke activities are still all missing, and the outpts pane is showing the following error messages.

I can’t find any resolution to this issue on other threads, however is now causing a major hold up. Please advise.


This is also chance to cause that error. Some new properties are added to Invoke Workflow activity in latest UiPath.System.Activities package version.

Can you please try to use the same package version you used initially at the time of development. If still it didn’t resolve then drag and drop Invoke Workflow activity again and pass the parameters.

Hi Laksham,

Thank you for your response. Can I ask what you mean by pass the parameters? Do you mean go through and manually add all the arguments back into each invoke workflow activity?

Thanks again



I mean pass the workflow path and values to Arguments.


Delete the json file and open the main file it will add these dependencies.

Thanks for you response. I just tried deleting the project.json file however still got the same problem. There are however numerous other .json files in the project folder. ProjectSettings.json, PackageCache.json, AllDependencies.json to name a few.
Should I be deleting all of these to?


By manually creating it all again?

first create backup of your code then delete json file. Hope this will work.



That seems like an incredibly time consuming solution. Especially as I still don’t know what caused this, I don’t want to have to do this every time a colleague tries to update one of my projects…

Unfortunately this didn’t work


I also faced same issue couple of months back. I searched a lot to fix the issue but didn’t find any solution. So, I did it manually again. Some other activities also missed along with Invoke Workflow activity.

We need to be careful before updating any packages. I strictly ordered my team to don’t update any packages without checking this kind of issues.

Hi Laksham,

I was able to find the solution. It looked like a conflict in ‘package sources’ which stopped nuget from proceeding. I was using a couple of different local locations for custom activities. I removed/ unticked these from within manage packages and then tried repairing dependencies option again. This time it worked.

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