Invoke Workflow Error

I was using well REFramwork with Invoke Workflow like this.
But today my UiPathStudio.exe has some problem I think.
I cannot modify parameter value because of the weird ‘Invoke Workflow’ activity.
Anybody else who can help me?

This is not the same activity as Invoke Workflow File
Did you maybe download an external package that has this activity? Notice the icons at the left-top of the activity block.
Invoke Workflow File has a triangular play button (this is the one you’d want to use)

Hi, Thank you so much of rapid reply.
But this is my All activity list.

I thought it is problem of dependencies so updated all.
But it doesn’t work ;(

Yes, that is odd.

Can you please check (and post screenshot of) the packages list?
If you’re on the beta feed, you might want to try switching to latest stable version of activities packs and see if that makes a difference.

This is my project dependencies.

Try switching the UiPath.System.Activities pack from 20.10.1-beta to the latest stable version.
Invoke Workflow File is part of the System package.

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I have no choice only downgrade UiPath.System.Activieis to v20.4.0.
Thank you for your help!
Good Automation!

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Glad to be of help.
Happy Automation!

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