Invoke wf from web app



Hey i am running a web App on windows 2012 sever using tomcat and inside code i am invoking the my UIPath workflow it’s working fine on my local system but its not working on windows server 2012 . its throwing this error

Topshelf.HostFactory Error: 0 : An exception occurred creating the host, Topshelf.HostConfigurationException: The service was not properly configured:
[Failure] Command Line An unknown command-line option was found: DEFINE: file = “C:\UiPathDocuments\POC\Credit\Main.xaml”
[Success] Name UiRobotSvc
[Success] DisplayName UiPath Robot
[Success] Description UiPath Robot Service
[Success] ServiceName UiRobotSvc
at Topshelf.Configurators.ValidateConfigurationResult.CompileResults(IEnumerable1 results) at Topshelf.HostFactory.New(Action1 configureCallback)

Process exitValue: 1


Windows server, please check your xaml file path "C:\UiPathDocuments\POC\Credit\Main.xaml"
please type manually on command prompt and try to access the path of xaml file. if manually it works then it should work with UiPath also.


manually its working but running from server its throwing error