Invoke Python Scope not working

Hello, I am using a python script to read data from a 600 page pdf and then store that data into an excel file. I am using python scope and have set it with the correct version, script path and library path, but my project is not “stepping into” python scope. I cannot use Windows legacy as it is not supported in current version of UI path studio. The only challenge my bot has to overcome is the fact that I need the whole process to be completed in under 3 minutes so if you can suggest a walkaround to do so without using python, I would appreciate it.



Did you install the .net runtime 5.0? it is needed for python scope


Yes I have installed .Net 5.0, but still it is not working


When running can you please open the event viewer and check if there are any errors there

also can you try with a sample code first to check and narrow down the issue


Have gone over the event viewer as well, I have placed log activities around each activity used, but after executing the log activity before python scope it simply goes blank. No error nothing.


Did you happen to try to change the python package version from manage packages and check?

are there no errors in event viewer

can you show your scope configuration here please

Is Path environment variable configured?


Yes the path variable is configured, I have added the python version that I want to use 3.9. The package has been configured and is up to date. Whearas my scope configuration is as follow:


Just to validate download this sample file from here and try to use

Also I hope you gave the dll path in library and your pyton is 32 bit and not 64

try to remove workign folder and check

Also I believe python is not installed in any environment but directly on the amchine


/it was the target parameter of Python scope which was set to x86, changing it to x64 solved the problem. Thanks

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