Invoke Code Activity Failing

Hi Team,

We have created a BOT using UIpath 2018.2.3.
When we are running the code using Studio it is working without any error.
But when we run it from BOT tray menu, it is throwing below error :

UiPath Robot Tray

An error appeared while executing Test_InvokeCode

Error message: Error compiling code
error BC2000: compiler initialization failed unexpectedly: Project already has a reference to assembly UiPath.Excel.Activities.Design.resources. A second reference to ‘C:\Users\p10406107.nuget\packages\uipath.excel.activities\2.4.6863.30657\lib\net452\fr\UiPath.Excel.Activities.Design.resources.dll’ cannot be added. At line -25

OK (2.0 KB)

Just uploading the sample, for all the Invoke code activity it is failing for me.

Please update to 18.2.6 or 18.3.1

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Hi @Gabriel_Tatu,

Could you please share the download link, as I’m not able to find one.