Custom Activity in Cross-Platform projects

Is there any working method to create custom code activity for cross-platform projects. None of documents, tutorials, forum posts are working. I’ve tried millon times every step.

Don’t say read those doc :slight_smile: They are all wrong, not up to date.

Thank you

Hi @savasozer

Check below link for your reference

Hope this may help you


Thank you for your answer. However, this video is about Windows Compatibility, not Cross-Platform projects. I tried everything in that video though. Doesn’t work for cross-platform projects.


  1. The documents you are referring to clearly state that those are to be used to create windows compatibility activities …so ideally docs are correct , but you are referring to a wrong doc for your requirement

  2. A clear way of how to create cross platform activities is not yet released …so we have to wait for it till it comes out…as it is compeltely different from the normal activities…

  3. Most of the cross platform activities use api’s to communicate…so you can try with custom connectors instead if that helps