Invoke another workflow which has a input at start

I need help invoking another workflow in my main script which has a input box asking what script to run out of 4.


How can I invoke workflow and pass the input automatically. For example, I want to invoke the last script “Master” in my main project. If I invoke workflow now, the input box pops up. I want it to directly go to the script (I tried argument but did not figure it out)


Why don’t you use flowchart to achieve this? You can have 4 decisions which will call the respective workflows when the decision node returns true.

I dont want to create 4 scripts right now, because I back up once and all these are saved. Don’t want to backup individually. If there’s no solution I will do that
I am using decision nodes. I have to run the scripts manually not in order. I just want to know how to skip the input box when running it from another project.


Input box → variable “script” → flow decision
how to invoke this part skipping input box?


Are you saying that you want to skip the Input Type when you are invoking the main workflow from another project?

YES!! I want it to automatically go to that part. Maybe use argument to pass “script” variable or something

Maybe that would do.

Have a decision before the Input Type and the value for this would be passed from the other workflow. By default, set it to false and when called from other workflows, pass true.

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There is a way to achieve this without input box
And I m suggesting this as you said you will run this manually and not in order

  1. If you can publish this to orchestrator then remove the input dialog box and replace it will argument created in ARGUMENT panel with IN direction
    Once after you publish and creating a process in orchestrator you will be able to see the argument along the process

Whenever you run a job from orchestrator you will be given an option to mention the in argument value which will be passed to the process through the above created IN argument

For more info

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Munish_Jain1

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Is this working fine @Munish_Jain1

I am only using uipath assistant for my work, I don’t use orchestrator as of yet. However got the idea to make flow decision before input box to skip it, which is working great. Thanks.

Ps - Shout Out to you for your indirect help on questions posted by others. They’ve helped me many times.

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Glad to @Munish_Jain1

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