Invoke a vbs file from a network file location

I am trying to invoke a vb script in network drive with \score\my_drive\test rpa\projects\script.vbs. The error what I am getting is file not found “\score\mydrive\test \r\n” please help any one how to run a vbscript located in network drive. Thankyou

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Kindly mention the full path of that file
Being network drive we need to mention the full path from its drive name

Cheers @Balesh

There is a space in the path after corporate
: "\Nas1\finance\controller\corporate groups\cssfiles\specialprojects\Robotic Desktop. The invoke vb script is reading the path upto the space and throwing an error.“Input Error: There is no file extension in “\\Nas1\finance\controller\corporate”.\r\n”

Let’s do one thing
Go to the folder where that file is present
Shift+ Mouse Right click in that file
Where in the option choose COPY AS PATH

now paste this path here in this activity

Cheers @Balesh

Thank you Palaniyappan. The way you said is working fine but the requirement I have to follow is use the network drive path. When I deploy the bot in VDI this has to go and check the network drive path and save the exported file from SAP to network drive.