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i have some details in datatable and i am generating invoice using website Free Invoice Generator by Invoiced.
I am able to generate seperate invoice for each row of datatable using UI interaction etc.

My problem is that if i have same invoice no. for two or three rows in datatable then these entry should be added in same invoice on clicking +Line item.

for ex. invoice column has value
1 xyz
1 xyz etc details. so these entry should be added in same invoice.

U can try this

  1. Read the excel and store in dt1

Then use Assign activitiy

dt2= dt1.DefaultView.ToTable(True, columnName), where the columnName is the name of column which contains invoice number

dt2 datatable will only contains the invoice number column with unique values

Now loop through each invoice number in dt2

Inside the loop use filter datatable activity to filter the dt1 with each invoice number and store in dt3

Now loop through dt3 and make a logic to click the new line item when each each row of data ( implies invoice data) is completed in dt3

Hope the logic helps you


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Could you please share any examples