Add Data in Invoice

Dear Forum members

I want to fill data in Item of this invoice and data of Item is available in my DataTable

Anyone can help ?
Website is - Free Invoice Generator by Invoiced


Read excel—> DataTable—> For Each Row —> Take Type into(Selector Should be like this) Take the both inner text and aaname same. (Type into—> row.item(“LineItem”).toString)

Then take One click to click on Line Items:
Take one more click somewhere else if remove the focus from Line items,otherwise Type into will not work

I guess You got some idea, try it.Main.xaml (13.5 KB)

Here you go, this flow will work in Internet explorer, change the dataTable and Column Name accordignly.

Thanks Sachin am just doing mistake in index your way also worked
Thanks for response .

Great. :smiley:

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