Invalid runtime configuration

Hello, everyone. I am creating a trigger to automatically run, but it’s telling me the job won’t trigger because no Unattended runtimes are added. How would I add unattended runtimes? Also, a secondary question, how could I upload this job into the cloud (if possible on the free service). Thank you in advance.

Hello @Primal

You can check the below video. To execute scheduled jobs you need to use unattended bots.


Hi @Primal,

Community licenses does not support unattended runtime because tey are free and dont have robot license.

If your license community, you cannot trigger the process.


@Primal @omer.ozturk

As per my understanding with community we can use use 1 unattended robot license.



You should be right. I said like that because in my community account, there is no robots section.

Thanks for the information.

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