Invalid Password in ACME System 1

It’s typing incorrect password in the ACME System 1. I have updated my password in Orchestrator multiple times but it’s not working.

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Hi @vasundhara.sharma

What is the asset you configured in the Config file.
Please check that you had set the right credential name and value pair in the Config file in the settings tab.


Karthik Byggari

Hi @KarthikByggari,

It’s fetching the right username but incorrect password. I checked the asset name and value in Config file. It’s still typing the incorrect password.

Hi vasundhara.sharma,

Make sure that you have entered the correct password in the orchestrator asset too.

I too had some issues with the username/password and they were correctly entered in orchestrator asset. The solution for my problem was to change the options on the Type activities for username and password.
The password options look like this in my case:

Check the EmptyField property for Typesecure text activity

Hi @vasundhara.sharma,

If you are using windows credentials, please make sure that your login details stored in windows credentials are correct. If fetching of credentials from orchestrator fails, bot takes details from generic credentials.

Warm regards,

Hi @nimin,
I double checked the values in the Ochestrator. And even if the bot asks for credentials, it still types a long string in the password in ACME.
Can it be because in Type Into activity, I put password.ToString as it was giving me an error that it can’t convert SecureString to String?

Hi @vasundhara.sharma,

You can’t convert securestring to string directly. But you can view the password by simply adding a “TypeSecureText” in your workflow and enter the securestring to password field of any website, which have an option to view password.
Just like
Attach the window and type the securestring into the dummy password field.
Click the ‘show password’ checkbox and compare the password with the one you updated in the orchestrator.

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Hi @nimin,

Thanks. It helped. :slight_smile:

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Hi nimin,

how can we store the login details in windows credentials in uipath?

Hi @Nilanshu_Soni

You can put your credentials in the Windows Credentials Manager and then use the Get Secure Credential activity which is part of the UiPath.Credential.Activities package :slight_smile:


its not helping me

Hi Akhilesh,

Hope your issue is solved by now. The problem in my case was that I was initially using Type Into activity instead of Type Secure Text. I believe your issue was solved by reconnecting the Bot to the Orchestrator.

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