Invalid csv

I am getting error in read csv as invalid csv. Attached is my (8.6 KB)

Hi @Gauri_Rawool

Try to Use Read Text File Activity to read csv file

Kommi Jeevan.

Thanks Kommijeevan :grinning:

But how i count number of rows in read text file.


The following might help you.



we refer your screenshot but we are geeting same error in read csv is invalid.

can you attach sample file for this.


Can you check if delimiter property in READ CSV activity is Tab?


Thanks a lot it works…cheers!! :smile: :grinning @Yoichi

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we read the csv file and replace also β€œ~” to ",’ but when we are converting it to .xlsx it is not giving proper data in (24.5 KB)

attached is the csv and converted excel.


In this case β€œ,” is not good because some data contains β€œ,” and parser identify it as a separator.
So perhaps you should use β€œ;” or Tab like above post instead of β€œ,”.


Still we are not getting data in proper format. could you please attach sample file .


How did you create the excel file?
You can create it to put Write Range activity after Read CSV activity in my previous post, as the following.



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