Convert Txt file to excel with Read csv activities issue

I want to convert txt file in excel but i have this issue


You can use such activities as Move File or Copy File to save the file with .csv format and then pass the path to newly created .csv file to the Read CSV activity.

Hi @Soudios,

The error says that your csv file has more row values than the number of columns.

Rule for tabular csv’s : The number of commas in each row should always be = number of columns - 1.

This is also the case for tsv files tab separated files.

Do check if your csv is formatted correctly, if not you first have to fix the formatting in your csv, by using read text file and perform some string manipulation.

The forum can help you better if you also made a dummy copy of your csv file contents the heard rows and dummy values for the first row.

Another way is to use Read Text File activity, to read text from .txt file.