Invalid Credential Store Configuration(#2303) | Azure Key Vault Integration

  1. I have created Azure Key Vault and also registered Orchestrator in azure portal.
  2. In Uipath Orchestrator > Credential Store > Add Azure Key Vault
  3. After adding all the parameters and clicking create button I am getting error “Invalid credential store configuration”.

Need help.

@ABB - Pls re-validate is key vault plugin set in your orchestrator web.config file


<add key=\"Storage.Type\" value=\"Azure\" />

Thanks for response, currently I am testing this in community version orchestrator and the first drop down has “Azure Key Vault” has Type already available.
Do I still have to do what you are mentioning? and also guide where will I can get web.config for community version.

@GBK @ABB did you resolve this? I am having the same exact error with SecretServer Credentials Store

I am also getting the same error. Not sure what value goes into the Client ID and Client Secret fields.
Any inputs please?

Same here…any one get past this?

We had the same issue with UiPath 2020.10 and Secret Server on-prem v10.9. I can tell you what worked for us (as sad as it is) - in Thycotic’s instructions, they don’t mention that you have to enable SDK Client Management. There is a small switch on the upper right side when you enter in the Client Onboarding information in Secret Server. If you don’t slide that to “enabled” nothing works. Once we did that, viola - all good. I’m not saying it will fix all your issues but definitely a simple thing to check. Good luck.

It depends. That error does not mean much. Have you checked the event viewer on the orchestrator server? If no check it. Then you will see the actual error. Paste it here so we can see if you would

I ended up looking at the windows logs and it gave me the error about “set” permission, so make sure you give the service principal enough permissions in Azure Key Vault for this to work. Really wish the error was better as this would have saved a ton of time…