Invalid Credential Store Configuration(#2303) | Azure Key Vault Integration

  1. I have created Azure Key Vault and also registered Orchestrator in azure portal.
  2. In Uipath Orchestrator > Credential Store > Add Azure Key Vault
  3. After adding all the parameters and clicking create button I am getting error “Invalid credential store configuration”.

Need help.

@ABB - Pls re-validate is key vault plugin set in your orchestrator web.config file


<add key=\"Storage.Type\" value=\"Azure\" />

Thanks for response, currently I am testing this in community version orchestrator and the first drop down has “Azure Key Vault” has Type already available.
Do I still have to do what you are mentioning? and also guide where will I can get web.config for community version.

@GBK @ABB did you resolve this? I am having the same exact error with SecretServer Credentials Store

I am also getting the same error. Not sure what value goes into the Client ID and Client Secret fields.
Any inputs please?