Credential Store with Azure Key Vault on Cloud Orchestrator

Hi all,
I am looking for documentation with guide how to setup connection between Azure Key Vault and Orchestrator in Automation Cloud. I was able to find manual for local installation of the Orchestrator but I cannot find one related to cloud.
I know that this is possible to do, same for data services to use FTP if I remember correctly and I got this info from UiPath representative. Please help me with finding it, I cannot change config file for orchestrator if it’s on UiPath platform :wink:

I haven’t gone through the motions for Cloud, but I have for CyberArk and On-Prem Orchestrator. Generally the only difference is that you need to add and configure the appropriate Plugin/Dll for the desired Credential Provider for Private installation.

When I look at my Community Cloud instance

Orchestrator > Tenant > Credential Stores > Add Credential Store

I see that AzureKeyVault is an available option. So it should be a pretty straight forward setup, assuming you have the required permissions in Orchestrator to managed the Credential Stores.


I had to request another role to access this tab :slight_smile: thx!

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