Introducing Role Based Field Access for granular data access control

I’m happy to announce that role based field access is now available in Data Service!

With role based field access, you can limit users’ access to fields of an entity, enabling you to restrict access to sensitive or high-impact data in it, without needing to restrict access to the entire entity.

For instance, let’s say that you have an entity called Customer with fields for general information (like given name, phone number, email address, etc.) and sensitive information (like SSN and credit card number). Further, you’d like to ensure that Customer Service Reps (CSR) in your organization are able to read and edit general customer information only, Sales Reps are able edit general information and only view sensitive information, while Account Managers are able to view and edit all customer information. Role based field access enables you to define permissions on the fields containing sensitive information for each of the CSR, Sales Rep and Account Manager roles.

To grant field access permissions, you will first need to enable fields for role based field access.
Next, you will need to set field access permissions in custom roles in Data Service.

:warning: Standard roles in Data Service lose access to fields enabled for role based field access

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