Restricting access to already existing entities but allowing users to create new ones


I was digging in Data Service of our platform and I found an issue with access management on our specific case. I would want to engage Citizen Developers with usage of Apps. I would want specific groups of users to be able to create their own entities but restrict access or possibility of editing on already existing ones. I thought setting shown below will suffice but it allows editing of every single entity that’s in the Data Service

Is there a way of restricting access to already existing entities so users with this specific setting won’t be able to modify/rename/delete already existing entities but allow them to create new ones if they would need it for their own applications (I am aware of the fact that if I add them designer role they could create one but wouldn’t be able to add any data to it, but with this setting they would still be able to modify existing entities) Any suggestion would be welcome :smiley:

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Hi @Incloud ,
admin role can create new users and edit their roles

Hey, thanks and I know that but it doesn’t seem to fix my issue. Each time I create a new role I can’t find a combination of permissions which would not allow to edit already existing entities (change their column names, data types etc). If you could show an example of setting choices I would be grateful

For people wondering and encountering the same issue. I tried to ask a few people around and at the moment it seems that the Customize Schema is a global setting that cannot be changed to fulfill the requirements that I have mentioned.
So whenever you would like someone to be able to create new entities but not modify already existing ones as of now it’s not possible.
Take care and hope this will get somekind of work-around soon

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