Uipath Dynamic Forms

This is the video from the April Demo for the Userform:

It show some realy cool functionalities, but it does not explain how to use them:
How to press a button form and not close the form?
How to change the fields content on the fly, triggered by button click?

Is it possible to obtain the Projects used in the demonstration? This applies to all demonstrations in the previews.



Yes. I would be interested as well. Do we need to update our activities? Is there additional documentation on Forms any where?


For all those seeking an answer. Just add key ‘closeOnSubmit’ and enter value ‘False’.

2020-06-04 20_59_01-UiPath Form Designer

Any idea where to find the list of keys for the Custom Properties? There HAS to be more than just that one.



You might be able to see a list of them by exporting the template and opening it up in notepad.

Dear all!

I have search all material I could found about this subject. I found no other :frowning:
Hope it comes soon!